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4 - Resistance How to Overcome It!

November 18, 2021 Kathie Owen
Stop the Mind Screw Podcast
4 - Resistance How to Overcome It!
Show Notes

3 Mindset Shifts to Overcome Resistance

1. Expect it. It will take many different forms. It will look different for everyone

  • Forms: the weather, drama with a friend, an illness, the government, an accident, etc.
  • Steven Pressfield The War of Art "Resistance is the equal and opposite reaction of nature to the new thing that you and I called into being out of nothing. There would be no resistance without the dream."
  • A big goal means big resistance.
  • It's all part of "fun." The kind of fun that builds confidence and makes you stronger.
  • It is in NO WAY EASY.

2. Change the self-talk.

  • Stop saying "I can't focus." "I procrastinate." "I never follow through."
  • Call it what it is. RESISTANCE.
  • There is nothing that empowers resistance more than calling it by a false name. 
  • So if you think "I can't focus." Call it resistance.

3. Ask good questions.

  • Resistance is a brilliant teacher.
  • Ask questions like: "What makes me uncomfortable?" "What am I avoiding?"
  • Most of the time, once you know what you are resisting and why, you will face it in the name of your goal or dream.

In summary

  • Be ready for resistance. Expect it.
  • Accept that it's supposed to be there.
  • Name it when it shows up.
  • Let it be your teacher.
  • Ask really good questions.
  • Listen and be open no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel.
  • Decide to stretch beyond your discomfort or downright fear in the name of achieving your dream.

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