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6.Mindset hacks to find more time

December 02, 2021 Kathie Owen
Stop the Mind Screw Podcast
6.Mindset hacks to find more time
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"I just don't have the time!"

This is the #1 reason I am given by those who tell me that is why they don't exercise.

#1. Analyze how you do spend your time.

#2. Plan your day the night before. 

#3 Examine your attitude. 

#4. Get the biggest bang for your buck.

#5. Arrive 15 minutes early. 

#6. Know when and IF to multi-task. 

#7. Follow the 2-minute rule. 

#8. Schedule it and Stick to IT! 

#9. Manage interruptions. 

#10. Know your most productive time of day. 

#11. Avoid procrastination. 

#12 Get organized before you begin. 

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If only I had enough time in the day. How many times do we say this? Yeah, I know I got ya. Cause it can be a stickler. But today I'm going to give you 12 tips. Define more time in your day. You're listening to is Stop the Mind Screw Podcast. I'm your host, Kathie Owen Certified Fitness Trainer and Life Coach since 2002 transforming lives in magic fashion. Teaching stop the mindset group process.

The number one excuse I get for clients telling me. I can't work out because I just don't have the time and oh my gosh, I get it. I totally, totally get it. But there is a better way. There are some tips I'm going to give you today to help you. And they're going to be days where it's just not going to work.

And when I, what I recommend when that happens is just staying flexible. Especially these moms of young children. That is probably the hardest time of all. I remember those days, so well, but. When you stay flexible and you go with the flow and you squeeze things in, and you try some of these tips that I'm going to teach you today, he might just find more time in your day to do the things you want to do.

Tip number one, analyze how you do spend your time for a couple of days. Just notice where you're spending your time, document it. And. Start paying attention to that. Like when you sit down to get on your phone, how long are you staying on there? What PR productivity are you getting out of that pay attention to that and see where it takes you. You might just find more time in your day just by this one.

Step number two, plan your day, the night before. Before you go to bed, lay out your clothes for the next day, write out your to-do list for the next day. And also possibly even put the timestamps on those to-do lists. Things it'll help you.

When you write out your to-do list the night before it also helps with your sleep. It's one of my insomnia tips. Hey, bonus points for laying out your workout clothes to get ready for the next. Number three, examine your attitude. What is your attitude about time? You know, I think of this quote by, um, Henry Ford.

It says whether you think you can, or you cannot, you are right. So if you think you can't manage your time, I hate to tell you, but you won't, it's just an attitude adjustment, a simple mindset shift that can make all the difference in the world. So start, especially with tip number one, you could start right there and say, okay, I'm going to analyze how I'm spending my time and then make little bitty shifts here and there.

And remember be flexible. That flexibility can really add some extra time in. Get the biggest bang for your buck. So you can start looking at what really is a productive thing with step number one, you could even start looking at that, making your bed. For example, as second you get out of bed, it does something subconsciously that helps us go, okay.

My day is organized. I'm ready to go. I got some other tips that relate to that. Also about getting more bang for your buck. Try exercise in the morning, because I can tell you this right now that that fitness will start your day on the right foot. It will make you feel better, even though it may not be as simple as just getting up and going.

But once you're there, I know you felt this before. Once you're there. Oh, I'm so glad I did this because it just makes me feel better. It makes me feel great. And it's a great way to start your.

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Number five arrive 15 minutes earlier. If this means getting out of bed a little bit earlier and just packing up things, start monitoring your time in the mornings or time before you have to be at work and start. Analyzing that with step number one and arrive 15 minutes earlier. You know, my son, when he was young, he was a little athlete and he used to always say, and I love this motto.

He'd go. If you're not early, you're late. And I guess one of his coaches taught him that, but there's so true. And then, you know, when you do arrive early or you are a little bit early, In your schedule and your routine, it makes everything go more smoothly that morning because you're gonna hit road bumps.

It's not if, but when you're going to hit those road bumps. So why not be prepared and be ahead of game number five, know when, and if you should multitask. Are you going to be waiting in a long carpool line or maybe even stuck in traffic? Listen to that book that you've been meaning to listen to or read or listen to that podcast.

You've been meaning to listen to it'll make the traffic or the journey seem a lot more productive and your time management will be productive as well. Number seven, follow the two minutes. The two-minute rule is if it just. Less than two minutes to do a task, just do it. Don't just put the dish in the sink.

Go ahead and do it because you're going to have to do it later. Why not get it done? Now? My boyfriend, Eddie is really a great example of this. He is so neat. You should see his toolbox. Everything is in its place, but he is one of those people that if it needs to be done, and it's going to take just a few more.

Ha ha if it's going to take an hour, he still does it, but that's just the way he is. But I really admire that about him and he gets things done and things are nice and neat and put in their place. Number eight, schedule it and stick to it. I love my Google county. I put my workouts in there. I put my schedule for the week.

I start on Sunday and I plan out my week. I look at what meetings I have, what appointments I have. I put them in the calendar as no, no-brainers, they're just going to be done. I also schedule activities that need to be done, that I can look at that calendar and it'll pop up and it'll go, okay. It's time to do such.

Again, I'll remain flexible if I need to, but those activities will co and under a different color, which will tell me, okay, this is a flexible activity, and I can change this up to another day. Another good thing about the Google calendar is all you have to do is slide it to another date or another time slot, and you will be amazed at how much time you find when you do this.

Number nine manage interruptions. Yes, this is a good one too, because when you get disturbed by those notifications, they can drag you away, especially if. An email or social media. And next thing you know, you've gone down that rabbit hole from number one, analyzing where you spend your time. This one is big because if you put your phone or your laptop on, do not disturb, you could put your laptop on airplane mode, possibly.

Get a lot done in that time, actually turning off notifications can save you a lot of time and energy because you're not being notified by those things you just know to check on them. And if you're one of those people that forget to check on that, then put it in your calendar to check it later. When you do have the.

Number 10, no, your most productive time of day, when you know your most productive time of day, the best thing you can do is eat that frog. What do I mean by that? Well, Brian, Tracy has a book called eat that frog and it has 21 tips to eliminate procrastination. And one of the biggest tips is do. Biggest task first.

Remember that to do list we talked about, yeah, go on that to-do list. Find out what is the biggest task or the one that you've kind of been putting off and just get it over with, eat that frog. When you do that, it helps you, it helps to give you momentum to go through your day on top of that, you got it done, and you eliminated that procrastinate.

Number 11, avoid procrastination. Number 10, the tip I just gave you. It helps with that. But when you avoid procrastination or you just take action towards that thing that you supposedly don't want to do, you give yourself momentum and you get over that procrastination. Hump action is greater than procrastination.

Just take one small step in that direction. And before long you'll build up that momentum and you'll have it done. And then procrastination is a big time zapper. So it won't happen.

And tip number 12, get organized before you even begin that day. So that can mean tidying up your desk before you even get to. Laying out your to-do list, looking at it, going over it and analyzing it and just can take a few minutes. This could be part of that two minute rule thing, but it does something with your subconscious mind that helps you get over that hump.

And all of these tips are tricks that you could use to track that tricks you could use to. Trick your subconscious mind in to action and actually do the things and find more time in your day. All right. That's your episode for today? I hope you liked it. Share it with somebody who can benefit from it.

And until next time I'll see you next time. Peace out and Namaste.